Harnessing Collaboration: SOA Tanzania Joins the Global Mangrove Alliance

Mangrove ecosystems, often referred to as the “forests of the sea,” play a crucial role in coastal biodiversity, carbon sequestration, and protection against natural disasters. Recognizing the urgent need to conserve and restore these vital ecosystems, the Global Mangrove Alliance (GMA) was formed as an unprecedented collaboration among NGOs, governments, scientists, industry, local communities, and funders.

Since its launch at the World Ocean Summit in 2018, the GMA has leveraged its collaborative approach to increase funding, promote scientific research, strengthen coastal management and governance, and accelerate the conservation and restoration of mangroves worldwide. Through this collective effort, the GMA firmly believes that more can be achieved than the capacity of any individual organization alone.

In 2022, the GMA revised its goals with an ambitious plan aimed at turning the tide on mangrove loss by 2030: Halt loss, Restore half, Double protection. These goals, when achieved, will yield significant benefits for communities around the globe, supported by ongoing studies and assessments by GMA partners and researchers.

SOA Tanzania is proud to announce its official membership in the Global Mangrove Alliance. Through its Mikoko Yetu project, SOA Tanzania is dedicated to restoring and conserving mangroves in Tanzania. To-date, SOA Tanzania has adopted more than 3000 hectares of mangroves and planted 18,500 mangrove trees, making a tangible impact on coastal ecosystems.

This vital work is made possible through the generous support of seasponsors such as the Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Re Earthin Initiative, Plant for the Planet, Salesforce, Archer Everard and Sigurdsson, The Oceancy, and Good Carbon. Additionally, the dedication of over 246 young ocean leaders and local coastal communities further strengthens SOA Tanzania’s commitment to restoring the health and sustainability of our oceans.

In addition to restoration efforts, SOA Tanzania conducts regular monitoring of its adopted mangrove areas to track progress and ensure the long-term health of these ecosystems. By joining forces with the Global Mangrove Alliance, SOA Tanzania aims to amplify its impact and contribute to the collective effort to safeguard mangroves for future generations.

Through collaboration and collective action, organizations like SOA Tanzania and partners within the Global Mangrove Alliance are paving the way for a more sustainable and resilient future for coastal communities and ecosystems worldwide. Together, we can achieve remarkable progress in the conservation and restoration of mangroves, ensuring their invaluable contributions to both people and the planet endure for generations to come.

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