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Are you a young person in Tanzania with passion for our ocean and community to make positive impact and create health and sustainable ocean, Join us today..! 

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SOA Tanzania is working on ground with the government and our formally formed local coastal community groups including our ocean leaders to PROTECT and RESTORE our adopted mangroves and seagrass areas. 

Wherever you are you can adopt a mangrove/ seagrass/ both (mangrove and seagrass areas) with us supporting our restoration work, monitoring and patrol work in the areas to protect them also on sustainable blue economy to change the lifes of the local coastal communities 

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SOA Tanzania is ready to collaborate and partner with individuals, companies, institutions or any other organization in many ways including projects and activities which align to SOA Tanzania’s mission and vision. Its a Yes from Us for Our OCEAN and Coastal Community

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SOA Tanzania values and accepts all kinds of donations inkind contributions, direct donations and fundings to support our mission. 

You can also help amplify our work by sharing our mission with your network and following us on our social media platforms 

You can also invest in the sustainable blue economic activities done by our local coastal communities and youth and help make a positive impactive and livelihood development.