Cultivating Ocean Leaders: Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 in Review


Embarking on a mission to nurture the next generation of ocean leaders, Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 unfolded as a transformative capacity-building program in Tanzania. With a commitment to inclusivity, the program welcomed young individuals from diverse backgrounds, aiming to instill in them the knowledge and skills necessary to become advocates for our oceans. Let’s dive into the highlights of this impactful initiative.

Origins and Evolution:

Rooted in the vision of empowering Tanzanian youth, Our Ocean Bootcamp began its journey in 2021 at the University of Dodoma, followed by a successful second cohort hosted in 2022 at the University of Dar es Salaam. The program’s dynamic evolution reached new heights in 2023 as the third cohort unfolded in the field, set against the picturesque backdrop of Bagamoyo, Tanzania.

A Growing Movement:

The response to the call for applications in 2023 was overwhelming, with 154 young people eager to participate in the program. From this pool of aspiring ocean leaders, 30 exceptional individuals were selected as fellows for the third cohort of Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023.

Empowering the Fellows:

The core focus of the bootcamp was to equip the fellows with the necessary tools to become effective ocean leaders. The training curriculum honed in on crucial aspects such as ocean conservation, project development, implementation, and monitoring, ensuring that the fellows gained a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the realm of ocean conservation.

Hands-On Conservation Efforts:

On November 25, 2023, the program took a practical turn as the fellows were transported to our adopted mangrove site in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Alongside our dedicated staff and the local coastal community, they actively contributed to the preservation of our coastal ecosystems by planting an impressive 1,000 mangroves. This hands-on experience not only fostered a deeper connection to marine conservation but also showcased the tangible impact that collective efforts can achieve.

Voices from the Bootcamp: Testimonials:

Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 has been a life-changing experience. The knowledge gained and the hands-on activities have fueled my passion for ocean conservation. I am inspired to be an advocate for sustainable practices and a guardian of our precious marine ecosystems.

Vanessa Kisakasaka

Being part of the third cohort of Our Ocean Bootcamp has been an incredible journey. The program not only equipped me with practical skills in marine conservation but also allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals. I am now more confident and motivated to contribute meaningfully to the preservation of our oceans.

Madereke John

A Vision for the Future:

As the fellows returned from the field, they brought with them not just newfound knowledge but a profound sense of responsibility and connection to our oceans. The Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 has sown the seeds for a future where these young leaders will play pivotal roles in driving sustainable practices and advocating for the health of our oceans.

Appreciation to Sustainable Ocean Alliance:

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Sustainable Ocean Alliance for their unwavering support in making Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 a reality. Their commitment to funding this program has been instrumental in providing these young leaders with the resources and opportunities needed to make a lasting impact in the field of marine conservation.


Our Ocean Bootcamp 2023 stands as a testament to the power of education, hands-on experience, and community engagement in shaping the next generation of ocean stewards. As we reflect on the success of this capacity-building initiative, we eagerly anticipate the continued impact that these empowered young leaders will have on the future of marine conservation in Tanzania and beyond.

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